The Live Your Happy Academy is a hub for truly transformational courses that will change your life! The courses here will help you in awakening to your true nature. In a simple, practical and yet profound way these courses will inspire you to get out of your own way. You will learn how to banishing fear so you can encounter love and a happiness beyond measure.

My courses are inspired by the teachings of A Course in Miracles. ACIM is designed to bring a consistent state of happiness and peace to the student through the application of its principles. These principles can seem radical and not from this world. However, this uncompromising and fresh approach is very effective for those looking to heal abandonment, victimhood, and any other seeming lifelong issues.

- Maria Felipe

I am a wife, mama, speaker and teacher of truth! All my life I was a self-help junkie. Doing workshops, reading countless books and never really feeling truly happy. In 2012 I became an ordained minister through an accredited ACIM school Pathways of Light Though my training I had a mystical experience that changed my life. I discovered that I was holding myself back by making exceptions and making countless compromises to my spiritual practice. This is why I am so passionate about what I do. I have been in your shoes and there is another way.

The courses you will find here come from the heart. They will help you turn away from illusions and move to reality. They will help you remember you have everything and lack nothing.

 It would be an honor to work with you. We are in this together!



Maria, you are making a beautiful, positive difference in the world! THANK YOU!!!

Karl G

I am practicing the principles of A Course in Miracles for years and it’s always refreshing to hear a great coach like you who delivers the message in such a simple yet profound wholeheartedly way. You are so sincere and so emotional and your work touches my soul deeply.